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If you're visiting this page, then odds are you already know Tony Monetti. You may know him as a small business owner, a community leader, a colleague, or a brother in arms. Certainly, you’ve come to know him as a devoted and loyal friend. However, you may not know of Tony’s political aspirations and desire to serve. That's about to change. On April 2nd, Tony announced his intention to run for United States Senator for Missouri in 2018.

How did this happen? One dark night during Operation Desert Storm, flying just 400 feet off the ground deep in enemy territory while being targeted by enemy air missiles, Tony faced near death. By God’s grace, he survived and vowed to share his talents in the service of others above self until his dying day, which brings Tony to today. Although Tony’s been serving others his whole life, the U. S. Senate is a forum for him to take his passion and what he does best to soar to new heights. 

Who is Tony? Tony is a devoted husband, father, and B-2 stealth pilot. He is a conservative outsider with a patriot’s heart to serve and forge a legacy of change. He will use his leadership experiences within the community, as a small business owner, an educator, and the military to tackle today’s top needs. Our country is divided unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Tony will focus his unique understanding, communication skills, and decisiveness to join the fight to help bring this divided country back together and to restore the values which have served and made this Nation one of the best places on earth to live, grow, work, and raise families. Tony has fought for our country, and now he’s fighting for you!

We do not require more politicians.  We need leaders!  Tony produces desired results.  He is the right leader, at the right time to make a positive difference.  We need your help.

Penny and Tony Monetti - Wingmen for life!

Penny and Tony Monetti - Wingmen for life!

Invest in Our Mission

What are issues Missourians care about?

- Get Washington out of our lives

- Get Washington focused on the right things:  Building a future for economic success

- De-legislation and de-regulation

- Building an education and training path for our children that doesn't break them

- Allowing open markets for healthcare

- Protecting America online and in person

“Servant leadership. Action. End-results.” This is Tony’s mantra. He’s a man on a mission, and the difference between Tony and most other politicians is that he doesn’t talk, he delivers. Tony does not have access to millions of dollars as an incumbent politician. He needs your help. Contributing to this campaign will be one of the best investments you can make to assure your voice is heard and to secure the kind of future you’ve worked so hard to build for your families. Your support and prayers will help send this trustworthy patriot to Washington to help mend the dysfunction that has sadly become synonymous with the words United States Congress.

Thank you in advance for your donation, no matter how big or small, your support helps move us towards our goal: the America you deserve. It's within reach. All we need to do is take action.

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Invest in our Mission



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