1. Integrity

2. Excellence

3. Service Before Self

4. Relationships

5. Joy

6. Safety Always



S – Smaller Government with our Constitution as our foundation of freedom.

1)      Pro-life and equally passionate about helping mothers that chose life

2)      Protect Religious Liberty

3)      Shrink Government to target waste and over regulation

4)      Out of Control Spending must be cut (1 Federal employee for every 300 citizens)

I am committed to working towards the development of a smaller, more efficient, less invasive federal government. We have a responsibility to our future generations to develop a habit of responsible fiscal decision-making and spending. We must lower the federal debt. We can do this by shrinking government spending, targeting fraud, waste and abuse, and curbing needless regulations that cripple small businesses, farmers, and the middle class.

With the Constitution serving as the foundation of our freedoms, we need to preserve the founding fathers’ vision of the separation of church and state.  As we protect religious freedom, we need to ensure that all citizens are free to worship as they see fit, or to be free not to worship if that is their individual choice. Our government has no business involving itself in the private religious decisions of its citizens. The Founding Fathers saw the wisdom of maintaining the freedom of religion. We have a sacred trust to do the same.

While I am morally committed to a Pro-Life stance, we have a responsibility to go beyond our words and moral stance. I am equally passionate about finding ways to help young mothers who choose life through finding and accessing health care and support services, providing viable adoption options for the mothers and adoptive parents, and supporting children through educational, health, and support services to ensure them a welcoming place in our society.

T – Transparency.

1)      Fight the Culture of Political Cronyism

2)      Pro 2nd Amendment

3)      Term Limits (two max)

4)      Support Constitutional Originalist Judges to the Courts

I am committed to fighting the culture of political cronyism, patronage, and lobbyist influence. One way we can encourage a return to the citizen servant in Congress that our Founding Fathers envisioned, is to institute term limits for the U.S. Senate. The President is limited to two terms. Why not the Senate? A Senator’s first obligation is to represent and serve the people who s/he represents. We must choose to serve others not ourselves.

I am committed to upholding safe and responsible gun ownership. The Constitution guarantees the right to keep and bear arms. Legal gun ownership is a right guaranteed to all responsible citizens and should not be infringed. One way to secure and protect the 2nd Amendment is to work towards the support of Constitutional Originalists to the U.S. Supreme Court.

E – Economy.

1)      Help farmers and ranchers increase yields and profits by employing new technologies (UAVs)

2)      Fight for the Middle Class and help small business owners by reducing cumbersome regulations, eliminate fraud and waste

3)      Infrastructure spending to improve our transportation networks and create good paying jobs

4)      Provide businesses with access to capital while supporting fair laws for workers

5)      Need tax and entitlement reform, lower corporate tax rates

Let’s face it, the economy touches every single citizen. We are dependent upon a strong, robust economy that reflects responsible investment and growth balanced by intelligent and responsible spending. It’s time to re-invest in those things that made this Nation great: its citizens, small businessmen, farmers, ranchers, workers and a crumbling infrastructure. The federal government should be doing everything within its power to reduce regulations that cripple small businesses, family owned farms and ranches, to increase jobs, manufacturing, and our transportation networks, and to provide businesses with the access to capital while providing fair laws and wages for our strongest asset – our workforce.   I will fight for the Middle Class and value our workers who are the backbone of our country.  They deserve fair pay and less taxes.  The federal government should encourage job training programs, invest in technology to increase our competitive edge, increase farming yields, and stimulate technological innovation. Finally, we must reform our tax structure to reflect a fair distribution of the load by reducing entitlements, lowering corporate tax rates where possible, and re-thinking our current income tax base.

A – Armed Forces.

1)      I will fight for our Veterans and provide them with the care they earned with emphasis on mental health solutions

2)      Provide for the common defense by giving our troops the best training and equipment to win

3)      Tighten up the VA - Improve Mental Health Opportunities and Care for Vets/families

4)      Improve missile defense and counter intelligence operations

Unfortunately, there are those in the world who seek to take away our way of life. By necessity, we must defend our Nation. A strong defensive capability is a cornerstone for the preservation of democracy. We must provide for the common defense in a rational, reasonable manner by providing our troops with the best training and equipment we can provide. I am committed to improving our missile defense and counter intelligence capabilities. I will fight for veterans rights and work to ‘make good’ on the promises we made when we asked them to serve through a greater emphasis on mental health care, long-term health care, and family and dependent support through job training and educational opportunities and programs. Finally, we have a responsibility to our veterans and our citizens to tighten up the VA to provide more access to veterans in a timely manner, and to make it both more efficient and cost effective.

L – Law and Order.

1)      We are a nation built on laws with a process to keep them current and apropos

2)      Return repeat criminal illegal immigrants

3)      Provide law enforcement with the proper training and tools required to perform their mission

4)      Voter ID / citizenship required to vote

5)      Target drug traffickers, sex crimes and child pornography

We are a nation built upon laws with a legal and legislative system to keep those laws current, compassionate, and apropos. As such, we have a responsibility to protect our citizens. We can do this through a stronger emphasis on policing and prosecuting those dangerous criminals who target the welfare and safety of our citizens; such as, violent offenders, human and drug traffickers, sex offenders, child pornographers, and violent illegal immigrants. We must provide our law enforcement agencies with the proper training and equip them to do the job.

One area where we have failed in our responsibility as a Nation, is in supporting our vision of the American dream for those who seek to join us in their quest to be free. The immigration issue must be addressed. My parents legally immigrated from Italy. I am a first generation American. I am committed to working towards a solution to the immigration quandary that works for everyone in a legal, rational, responsible manner.

T – Together.

1)      Develop Private/Public partnerships to tackle tough problems

2)      Value diversity and culture

3)      Seek ways to find common ground as AMERICANS

4)      Improve Education system, strong advocate for learning while making it more affordable

5)      Encourage kindness, altruism and American values

Our Founding Fathers recognized the value of working together towards a common goal as a team. We must hold our elected officials accountable for workable, sustainable solutions. We must, as a country, value diversity and the melting pot of cultures that make us both strong and uniquely American. We must find common ground and build bridges as AMERICANS. One way we can do this is to develop both private and public partnerships to tackle tough problems while preserving the values of altruism, compassion, and basic human decency and tolerance.

One area that has been under fire for a number of years is our education system. Education is the key to unlocking our collective futures. It is unacceptable that we have Americans who lack access to educational opportunities or who engage in the system to emerge as undereducated citizens who are unprepared to support themselves and their families in the job market. We must invest in our education. We have to continue to find workable solutions to make higher education more affordable. We must invest in job skills training programs, apprenticeships, and re-education programs for displaced veterans and workers whose skills and training no longer fill a critical need within the economy. An educated and highly skilled workforce is the key to stimulating our economy. I am committed to working to find ways to re-invest in every level of the educational process from cradle to grave.

H – Health Care.

1)      Repeal and Replace the Affordable Health Care Act to make it affordable. The system is broken

2)      Empower States to help its citizens find means of providing for health care and develop free market solutions

3)      Create Tax Credits and Individual Health Accounts and help people with pre-existing conditions

4)      Develop County Health Clinics funded by Private/Public partnerships

5)      Champion on creating better mental health treatment care services

Everyone is concerned over the current state of healthcare: both in terms of access and affordability. Our current system is broken. Yes, we need to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act, but we must be dedicated to finding a workable, affordable, and accessible alternative. We can take a step in the right direction by empowering states to help their citizens find the means to find affordable solutions within the free market economy. We can do this through creating tax credits and individual health savings accounts and by developing private and public health clinics funding through public and private partnerships. We must address the issues of health insurance lifetime limits and pre-existing conditions, the rising cost of prescriptions, and the lack of affordable and accessible mental health care.